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43d Infantry Division Veterans Association
"Winged Victory Division"
Veterans Membership Application


I, __________________________________ desire to join the 43rd Infantry Division Veterans Association.

My service with the 43d Infantry Division is/was from:________________ to _____________

Unit, organization and dates of service (if known):



My address: ___________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: ____ Zip:______

My membership Dues of $______________  is enclosed. *    **     ***


*   Annual Membership:  $10.00

 **   LIFE Memberships are available as follows:

a. - Members who served on Active Duty with the Division, either WWII or Korea - $50.00

b. - All others - $75.00
  ***   Or with another eligible unit/organization whose lineage is traceable to the 43d: $75.00