Membership Information

The following shall be eligible to active membership in this Association:

Any Officer, Warrant Officer, or Enlisted Man in the service of the 43d Infantry Division, Army of the United States, at any time during the period of February 24, 1941 and September 22, 1945, and from September 5, 1950 and September 5, 1952 who has been honorably separated or discharged from the Armed Forces or who is still serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.


The following shall be eligible to associate membership in this Association:

Any Officer, Warrant Officer, or Enlisted person who has served honorably with any unit of the Army National Guard whose lineage/heritage is directly traceable to the 43d Infantry Division.

This includes, but is not limited to:

The 43d Infantry Division, the 43d Infantry Brigade, the 103d Field Artillery Brigade, the 103d Armored Cavalry Regiment, the 103d Regimental Combat Team, the 103d Armored Group, the 152d Field Artillery, the 172d Infantry, United States Army National Guard during the period March 21, 1925 and February 24, 1941; and/or the period from September 2, 1945 and September 5, 1950; and/or the period after September 5, 1952 to present.

In addition, Associate Membership may be tendered, upon application, to sons/daughters of members eligible for either Active or Associate Membership.  Associate Members will pay the same dues required of Active Members.  Associate Members shall enjoy the same privileges as Active Members.